Wolf Republic of Japan (WRJ)Edit

The WRJ is a small-geting-big government. The WRJ wants to end North  Korea's attack plans on the US, and also removing the Space Program 2.0

The Wolf Republic of Japan is actually led by a Russian timber wolf named General Yuri Frost, who is a stubborn, tough quad.

WRJ actually used the Space Program 2.0 to launch a satellite to the moon. 

During The Time of space laser, the WRJ spyed on the eco-terrorists as they destroyed the Vortex

Why Space Program 2.0 is badEdit

As you know, the space program 2.0 lets quads build their own ships to any size they want. This is a problem, because the eco-terrorists will want to get bigger. They have done this before, so the WRJ wants to stick with origional space vehicles.