In this picture, there is a person (on left) about to commit suicide after having to deal with suffering in the future. Of course he could just take his gas mask off and suffer but he is just gonna jump into the magma spill below him.

The vision of the future is sad. It goes like this;In the 22nd century, the AETA and PETA failed. The AETA had 1 whale in it and a few tigers. The rest of the animals IN THE WORLD were extinct. Because of the greedy humans that must have there meat, they are poluting more and more. The Green house gases destroyed the atmosphere (Mainly the OZone [O3]). The polution destroyed God's food for us. No tree's no bushes NO GRASS, no nature. The left over animals are starving to death, and the humans are surviving on algea. Also you need to pedal cars because of no resorces.

YOU CAN STOP THIS! DON'T EAT MEAT OR YOUR CHILDREN MIGHT DIE! It is just in a hundred years. Don't let everyone suffer. To prevent this PLEASE tell everyone about this! THIS IS HOW YOU can change the world!!!!