In 6.5 Billion years, as you know, the Panageans were reborn in a new incarnation of the Earth. (Earth reincarnated after the Sun died. Then we evolved from them and warped back in time.) 

The Panageans have a huge dragon in the core of the planet. It lives under the only forest that is almost invincible. This is the Vortex. Under it is a vortex spiral of wood and beehives. The dragon pollinates late Earth. 


The Dragon is the biggest pollinator on Earth. He leads a HUGE colony of honeybees in an apiary under Vortex. He has a body odor that is visible to the human eye. It comes out as lighning and polinates the leaves using their molecules and puting them in the green electric cell in Energy Coils. The dragon sprays it and it only hurts animals who are selfish... like almost every human (no offence). The dragon lives directly under the Spirit Tree's pond.