The great war of Siberia started on November 15, 2011. It all started a few days after Ian's invasion. Ian invaded Aries' HQ and grabbed Herb and excicuted him.

Aries planned revenge and declared a war on siberia, one of his home lands. Why? Because his clan wouldn't dare to have the war anywhere else.

There were two clans/packs involved. One, the Dark-Clan Army and The Canidae Pack. Aries, Aaron, and Jones took his bush plane up and let the quad air force fleet. Of cource on the other end it was Ian in a hunter jet. On the same day, Nov. 15th, the bush plane was shot down by a hunter jet. On the plus side, Aaron, Aries, and Jones survived. They also got the plane repaired and took flight once again.

The bush-plane shot a heat seaking missile into Ian's left Jet engine. The engine exploded and the plane banked and eventually crashed. Aries and Aaron jumped out of the bush plane while it swooped to the ground. The two guys went to the plane and killed the survivors.

In December, Ian's body, DNA, memories, and other stuff was cloned and transered to a clone of Ian. Soon later, the leaders were all revived and the war is now over. (Ended December 20, 2011.)

WAR STATUS: Restarting! (?)

It is November 15th 2012 and it has been a year since the antebellum of this war. Doctor Jake Deller declared a war with the AETA except not just in Siberia. It is going to Canada, Japan's animal kingdom, United States, United Kingdom, Siberia, and South Africa. This war started when Dr. Deller invaded the South Africa AETA capitol base and declared war. The Lion of Death excepted because getting into a world war with Dellers against 6 billion animals that are 6 trillion times smarter than Deller was a good idea. Let's hope this war lasts shorter than the last deadly war.