Paul is on his computer chip.

A-134 AAED QOP PAUL is the Quads of Pain's battle A.I. Paul is designed with 5 mini hard drives carrying one Pentabyte! (1,000 Terabytes, 10,000 gigabytes, 100,000 megabytes, etc.) For Paul's extremely small size, that is quite amazing, but thanks to Tech-turtle's electric handywork, Paul is great!

Paul is armored with AETA's special alloy and has bullet proof glass holo-screen. We call it a holo-screen because Paul isn't just an AI but a 3D hologram! He is a cat and talks like Aaron. Pauls light color is blue. 

Paul is good for when you want to hack because you just put him in a card slot ranging from MS/Pro/Duo to SM xD. He can hack security cameras, turrets, terminals, weapons caches, and even have full control over bases! 

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