Doctor Deller

Dr. Jake Deller is pretty much the start of the AETA.  We started by killing human ecoterrorists until he did a bad deed. He started cloning himself and he wants to control the world. 

He started a national (but secret) orginazation called GEL. (Gene Emitting League) They clone Deller. I have no idea why anyone joined him because even know he is 30, he just can't seem to figure out 4th grade. 

Anyway, we call his clones Dellers. Quite a generic name but it fits! The clones are obviously meant to help him rule the planet. They aren't human, or animal, or alien. Their just basically eating, sleeping, fighting robots! They all have erge to kill... maybe because all they're allowed to think is, Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. 

Dr. Deller is now deceased. He took a Katana to the face during The battle at the antenna