Aries is the team's intelligence, and strongest man on the team. He's a green bobcat with a blue
Ar case
foldable gun. despite its small size, this guns bullet explosion covers 3 miles. when he is angry, aries' appearance turns 

4 concept art pictures of aries.

into a 7 foot lion and can create 2 meter swords at will. although most cats attack and eat anything alive and walking, aries wouldn't hurt a fly (with the exeption of humans.) and, aries is still living and

alert at the age of 70(well, if you were a bobcat, wouldn't you grow in bobcat years?). He was officially made an elite commander on july 20, 2011. The quads threw a huge party for him. click on this link to watch them party:

also, Aries' last name is brewer, and can be found on

he has 3 swords: one made from ice, one from lava, and the last and strongest from stone.

He also lost his master, who was also one of the green furred bobcats, and also the biggest, reaching 10 feet when standing like a human.

Aries' swords

aries' swords.