"If my enemy blows that dog whistle he knows his worst nightmare is coming – me." 

Case aa


Aaron is the team's technician and the leader of the Quads of Pain group. His full name is Aaron Hunt, even know he is against hunters!

For an 91 year old he is a good fighter. Yes he is 91. Well 86 years in dog years. He is the QoP's best swordsman, but isn't the strongest, though Aaron scarcly gives up in a fight. He is the groups best battle planner.

He is small, until he gets mad. he is usually 1 foot tall, but he grows to 8 feet in seconds when he is mad.

One VERY intresting part about Aaron is that he is a vegatarian wolf!

When he was born he was 8 MM tall. He is still alive and running. Infact right now, he is typing most of this.

One day he was shiped off to the Lion of Death, who told him to come up with a quad group. So he did.

He hired his most athletic, strong and aggresive friends to the new quad group, called "The Quads of pain". 

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