No Quad shall ever kill a civillian of any species nor to kill a peta or quad.

  1. If there is a full herd pack or clan of no civillians they can not come together and break laws.
  2. All quads need to be safe in an HQ. I suggest underground.
  3. (BIG ONE) No quad shall EVER build a single vehicle bigger than the planet! ESPECIALY if you copy them.
  4. Everyone must stick to the original AETA ships. UNLESS they are a higher rank than Quad King. (Lvl 1,000 or up)

______________-QUAD GROUP LAWS-______________

  1. Each of the 3 high ranked groups (QoP, QoC, QoF) Get to have ONE costom vehicle.
  2. OBEY the leader and follow instruction. Out of the whole AETA I have had to kick someone out, yet the Quad group is the highest ranked of all.